Why My Layoff Hurt More Than a Breakup

Photo credit: RUNSTUDIO - Getty Images
Photo credit: RUNSTUDIO – Getty Images

From Redbook

The end of a relationship is rough, no matter how prepared you are. For me, there was no preparation. I was completely blindsided—and devastated. Did I miss the signs along the way? What if…? “Often, the biggest hit comes in the form of the questioning it makes us do about our own value,” says John Roccia, director of career services at Ama La Vida. “Am I not good enough? Could I have prevented this? And if I could have—how? This leads us to start reexamining every little decision we’ve ever made and looking for flaws, which isn’t great for our self-esteem.”

When I got the news that my position was eliminated, I was shattered. I cried for days and ignored my ex-coworkers’ calls and texts. The feeling I was experiencing was very familiar—dumped.

According to the Labor Department, 30.3 million people have

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