Here’s How to Make That 2020 Mood Meme You’re Seeing All Over Your Feeds

Photo credit: O, The Oprah Magazine
Photo credit: O, The Oprah Magazine

From Oprah Magazine

  • Celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling and Kerry Washington have been posting 2020 memes that poke fun at how the year has been going so far.

  • The challenge involves posting a grid of 9 different photos of yourself that encapsulate your mood from January to September 2020.

  • Here’s how you can make your own—no Photoshop required.

How has 2020 been so far? If your answer is that the year started great but quickly got derailed due to the COVID-19 pandemic—you’re not alone. A new meme that perfectly encapsulates the wide range of emotions felt this year is going viral on social media, and celebrities—seemingly starting with Reese Witherspoon—have been sharing their own hilarious versions online. And you can get in on the fun too—using free photo editing websites that make it simple. (More on that below). But first, here are the

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