The most dangerous hand sanitizer mistakes

Months into the COVID-19 pandemic, trends are changing as Canadians continue to run into health risks relating to common household cleaners and disinfectants.

In June, there were 1,060 calls reported to Canada’s five poison centres, which marks an 88 per cent increase compared to June 2019, involving exposures to hand sanitizers, disinfectants, bleaches, chlorine and chloramine gases.

According to data shared by Health Canada to Yahoo News Canada, calls related to disinfectants and bleaches have gone down in June compared to May and April. While the total number of exposures for the two gasses combined has stayed below the record-high mark that was set in March.

But exposures to hand sanitizers are at an all-time high, with 394 cases in June 2020, which is the most of any cleaning product. The trend also continues to gain pace, considering there were 329 hand sanitizer exposures in May 2020 and 208

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