Your Zodiac Sign Tells You Exactly How to Use the New Moon’s Powerful Energy

Photo credit: Getty/Sanchi Oberoi
Photo credit: Getty/Sanchi Oberoi

From Cosmopolitan

The Moon is a powerful force—it controls the tides and many believe that it influences our emotions, too (humans are 60% water, after all!). You can tune into the power of the Moon by using the lunar cycle to plan events in your own life.

The lunar cycle (the Moon’s orbit of the Earth) takes 29.5 days to complete, so about a month. The New Moon marks the start of the first phase, when the Moon lies between the Earth and the Sun so it cannot reflect any light. The roughly two-week period between a New Moon and a Full Moon is called the waxing phase, and in astrology, it’s associated with enhancing and manifestation—aka attracting all the good things to you.

The two or three days before and after a New Moon are the best time to initiate new projects, activate your

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