Northrop Grumman weighing exit options for OmegA rocket

Northrop Grumman statement: “We will determine next steps once the debriefing process concludes.”

WASHINGTON — When Northrop Grumman unveiled its OmegA rocket in April 2018, the company was clear that it developed the vehicle for the sole purpose of challenging United Launch Alliance and SpaceX for national security space launch contracts.

The Air Force decided to stick with ULA and SpaceX to provide launch services from 2022 to 2027. Without a significant commercial business to fall back on, OmegA does not appear to have a future.

But Northrop Grumman says no final decisions will be made until after the Air Force briefs the company on the reasons why the vehicle was not selected.

“The post-award debriefing process currently is underway, and we are learning more about the U.S. Space Force’s evaluation decisions,” Northrop Grumman spokeswoman Jennifer Bowman told SpaceNews Aug. 21. “We will determine next steps once the debriefing process

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