NYU Stern Students Protest MBA Tuition Hike During COVID

MBA students at NYU Stern are protesting a 3.5% hike in tuition during the pandemic and asking for discounts of 5% to 10% due to the shift toward remote instruction. Stern photo

MBA students at New York University’s Stern School of Business are urging the school to reverse a decision to increase their annual tuition by 3.5% and instead grant a 5% to 10% discount as classes move online during the pandemic. The petition requesting a freeze of Stern’s $76,780 annual tuition, up from $74,184 a year earlier, has been signed by more than 300 students.

“Raising tuition during this time period feels wrong,” according to the statement signed “The NYU Stern MBA Class of 2021.” The letter was posted to Twitter by Stern second-year MBA Avik Banerjee who is doing his summer internship with Bain & Co. and reports that more than 300 students have signed the petition. “It

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