Coaches Poll top 25: Ohio State at No. 10 as Big Ten returns to college football rankings


In a year that is truly unlike any other in college football, we have hit a period of confusion and disagreement as it pertains to ranking teams. No. 1 Clemson remains the top team in the new Coaches Poll after improving to 2-0 with a 49-0 win against The Citadel, but it is not clear how the coaches who vote have decided to rank the Big Ten teams who just this week announced their fall 2020 schedule. 

The Big Ten, Pac-12, Mountain West and MAC were removed from consideration when the first update to the preseason rankings was released after Week 2, but in the week since we have gotten the Big Ten announcements that it would be playing and doing so with an eight-game fall 2020 schedule. Teams like Ohio State, Penn State and Michigan won’t be playing until Oct. 24, but the rankings have included plenty of

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College football preseason SP+ rankings — Ohio State tops Alabama, Clemson

For obvious reasons, the thought of a fall college football season coming off without a hitch is a tenuous one. The number of coronavirus cases on campus is spiking with the return of (non-athlete) students, and practices throughout the country have been altered or stopped altogether because of it. We won’t completely know this unusual season is going to start until it does, we won’t know if or when it will actually finish, and in between, we don’t know how much depth chart shuffling we’ll see.

For the rest of this piece, however, we’re suspending all uncertainty. While four of the FBS’ 10 conferences, plus a few independents, have postponed their fall football seasons with the hope of starting in the winter or spring, 76 teams have committed to playing this fall — 77 if you include Air Force, with its two-game, service-academies-only schedule.

While this is destined to be

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Ohio University’s identity crisis shows the struggles of regional public universities

This article about higher education in Ohio was produced in partnership with The Hechinger Report, a nonprofit, independent news organization focused on inequality and innovation in education. This is part 5 of the Colleges in Crisis series.

Given current circumstances, Richard Vedder, an economics professor emeritus at Ohio University, is teaching his fall course, “Economic History of Europe,” for a salary of $1. Plus, a parking sticker.

“It will take a little bit of burden off the university,” said Vedder, a national expert on higher education finances. His career — he began teaching at O.U. in 1965 — spans the robust rise of public higher education and, now, its shakiest chapter.

The coronavirus crisis has hurt colleges everywhere. But for schools like O.U. — nonflagship public campuses in Ohio and across the Midwest that were already struggling — it has hastened a reckoning. The campuses have become heavily reliant on

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Notre Dame pauses in-person classes; Hawaii delays tourism reopening; Ohio to allow prep sports; 171K US deaths

A second major university is suspending classes right after the start of the new academic year due to a COVID-19 outbreak.

The University of Notre Dame paused in-person instruction Tuesday, a day after a similar move by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Notre Dame is putting the classes online for two weeks and not sending students home, apparently in hopes that the infections won’t grow worse.

But for those who believe enough people will become infected in the world to create “herd immunity,” the World Health Organization had bad news Tuesday.

A researcher said we’re still a long ways off from that point in which enough people have antibodies from the virus that it can halt the spread before vaccines become available, the Daily Mail reported. The big problem at the moment is younger persons, those in the 20s, 30s or 40s, with mild or no symptoms

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Bright blue bullfrog found in Ohio is a 1-in-a-million find, experts say

Photos posted online of a shiny blue bullfrog recently caught in Ohio are raising questions, fueling theories, and prompting at least one person to say, “you know I want to kiss it.”

“Lick it…,” Mike Ash commented on the Facebook post.

“Rare froggy!” Jesse Shattuck declared.

“Are you sure he didn’t paint it,” Brian Smith queried.

“Do they have any poisonous effects on predators?” Micheall Reed asked.

“Handsome,” Alanjanice Smith said.

Ohio man Matt Minnich recently found and photographed an extremely rare blue bullfrog, sharing the photos with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.
Ohio man Matt Minnich recently found and photographed an extremely rare blue bullfrog, sharing the photos with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Many others simply admired its brilliant indigo hue and thought, “That’s the prettiest frog I’ve ever seen.”

So what’s up with this amphibian: Is it a mutant? Technically yes, experts say, a 1-in-a-million freak.

Bullfrogs are typically greenish-brown in color, providing perfect camouflage for environments where they live.

But this recent find is the result of

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