500% Increase In Arsenic In Mauritian Fish As Oil Spill Ship’s Final Destination Still A Mystery

As the forward part of the Japanese Oil Spill Ship was towed across the Indian Ocean in a Southeasterly direction, the local Mauritian media was reporting on Friday 21, that levels of arsenic found in coastal fish caught close to the Wakashio wreck had significantly increased.

According to the World Health Organization, Arsenic exists as a natural component of the Earth and is harmless to humans in small doses. Long-term exposure to inorganic arsenic, mainly through drinking-water and food, can lead to chronic arsenic poisoning and other more serious complications.

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California oil production limits stall in Legislature, leaving the issue to Newsom

Oil derrick pumps just north of the Kern County town of McKittrick. <span class="copyright">(Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times)</span>
Oil derrick pumps just north of the Kern County town of McKittrick. (Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times)

In his first year in office, Gov. Gavin Newsom vowed to protect Californians against hazards and pollutants from oil and gas production. Now the governor is facing increasing pressure to make good on his promise after efforts in the Legislature to mandate health and safety buffer zones around oil and gas wells and refineries failed amid fierce opposition from the petroleum industry and trade unions.

Legislation to put in place minimum setback distances between the wells and residential areas, along with public places such as schools and playgrounds, failed passage in a state Senate committee last week. The proposal faced a rough go from the outset, with resistance coming from Republicans and some pro-labor and Central Valley Democrats, underscoring the continued political muscle of California’s billion-dollar oil industry — even in a

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Some keto evangelists believe vegetable oil is worse than cigarettes, but the science behind the theory doesn’t add up

Brownies vegetable oil pour
Brownies vegetable oil pour

Sydney Kramer/INSIDER

  • Advocates of the high-fat, low-carb ketogenic diets have warned against the health risks of vegetable and seed oils, claiming they’re a “dirty” fuel source for the human body. 

  • One keto influencer recently claimed vegetable oils are just as dangerous for health as “smoking two packs of cigarettes a day.”

  • But an expert said there’s no evidence for this claim, and cooking oils can have a wide range of health effects depending on how they’re prepared.

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Advocates of keto typically encourage a high-fat diet, but some hardcore “keto evangelists” say it doesn’t count if you use plant-based oils.

If you incorporate processed forms of fat — seed oils, non-organic veggies — you’re engaging in “dirty keto,” according to Ben Azadi, founder of the health coaching site Keto Kamp.

“Keto is very popular, and with the buzz comes a lot

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