Stuntman Engulfs Himself in Flames to Pop the Question to Girlfriend: ‘The Perfect Proposal’

SWNS Katrina Dobson and Riky Ash

Riky Ash asked his sweetheart to marry him as he was covered in flames spreading up his back and legs.

Nurse Katrina Dobson, 48, was left speechless by the stunt, but eventually regained her composure and said yes.

Dobson knew her beau would be set alight, but thought she was just taking part in a photo shoot, and had no idea he would propose.

She was told it was for a piece about a National Health Service nurse finding love, and even turned up in her scrubs.

“He sold it to me as a story on something that would make people smile,” said Dobson, who works in the accident and emergency department. “When he was set on fire, I saw he had his hand in his pocket. I thought, ‘What are you doing, get your hand out of your pocket.’ And all of a

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Why Stitch Fix Is the Perfect Clothing Subscription to Keep Your Shopping Habits in Check

I’ll admit that I was very hesitant to get into subscription services out of fear that I’d accumulate a bunch of things I don’t need or can’t afford—but Stitch Fix completely changed my mindset. If you ask anyone who knows me well, they will tell you that I’m somehow prone to both under- and over-shopping: I always need to buy something whenever an event or special meeting comes up—and when shopping IRL was a thing, I’d end up buying a million things I didn’t need (think duplicates of things that are already in my closet). To say my shopping habits can be a real problem is a massive understatement. 

When clothing subscription boxes grew in popularity a few years ago, I did a ton of research into finding one that might suit my needs—and curb my irresponsible online shopping habits in the process. At the time Stitch Fix looked like

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This Principal’s COVID-19 ‘Can’t Touch This’ Parody Is Perfect for Back-to-School

Dr. Quentin J. Lee peeks out from behind a school vending machine ready to spray a can of Lysol
Dr. Quentin J. Lee peeks out from behind a school vending machine ready to spray a can of Lysol

What happened: As schools across the country prepare to reopen amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, one Alabama high school principal is sharing a message about new restrictions and safety protocols — and he’s managed to make it a little less terrifying than the never-ending news cycle.

Dr. Quentin Lee, who leads 300 students at Childersburg High, filmed a coronavirus-themed musical parody of MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This,” which sees him lamenting about the Lysol shortage and urging students to wear masks and social distance.

Basically, [I] just really wanted to do something fun for back-to-school to kind of reinforce a lot of the new things we’re having to do. I like making little silly videos for the kids, just to kind of get them excited about school. I wanted to

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Too uncomfortable in theaters but perfect for your phone?

Writer, director and star Romany Malco depicts life after prison with a satirical edge in "Tijuana Jackson: Purpose Over Prison." <span class="copyright">(Geoff Browne)</span>
Writer, director and star Romany Malco depicts life after prison with a satirical edge in “Tijuana Jackson: Purpose Over Prison.” (Geoff Browne)

One day about 20 years ago, actor Romany Malco was walking down Venice Boulevard, girlfriend and cousin in tow, when he decided to buy a set of fake teeth. He popped them in, kept strolling down the street, started talking like a prison-hardened life coach, and Tijuana Jackson was born.

The character dates back to the era of Y2K, when Malco (“Think Like a Man”) set up a camera with “that blurry 60 Minutes interview background” and talked into the lens for hours, riffing as an ex-convict who attended “These Streets University(™)” and now works as a wannabe life coach. There was magic in that character, he said.

That magic ignited just as the Internet opened up new opportunities for content. Tijuana Jackson may predate social media, but

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Kenzie Ziegler Had the Perfect Response to Abby Lee Miller Shading Her Online

From Cosmopolitan

  • Abby Lee Miller shaded Kenzie Ziegler for competing as a celebrity on Dancing With the Stars Juniors.

  • Kenzie responded to Abby Lee’s shade previously when Abby mocked her singing career.

If you watched Dance Moms even one time, you know Abby Lee Miller has a rather…interesting (and by that I mean absolutely complicated) relationship with the girls she teaches. In addition to coaching, Abby Lee would often belittle her dancers and make them feel bad to the point where they’d end up in literal tears, but I digress. Despite that, Abby Lee talks about them in a group chat sometimes—including alum Kenzie Ziegler.

TikTokRoom was able to obtain some screen grabs of messages that Abby sent to a Dance Moms group chat, where she made some uncalled for comments about Kenzie’s stint on Dancing With the Stars Juniors back in 2018. (FYI, Kenzie finished the show in

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American teachers are facing ‘a perfect storm’ of crises amid the coronavirus pandemic

The compounding stresses of the coronavirus pandemic, the sudden transition to remote learning, and the politicization of schools reopening are burning out teachers.

“I was on the verge of leaving,” an art teacher from Connecticut, who teaches kindergarten through fifth grade but did not want to be identified out of fear of professional retaliation, told Yahoo Finance. “The reason why I stayed truthfully was because of my loan payments.”

According to a survey by Horace Mann of 2,490 educators in the U.S. in June, 34% of them are considering leaving the profession due to the financial stress they’re feeling. 

“It’s like a perfect storm happening right now because the federal government hasn’t passed any legislation to give states any money,” Tish Jennings, an associate professor at the University of Virginia who studies how stress affects teachers, told Yahoo Finance. “ And so when they don’t have enough money in the

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