Teaching college St Mary’s does not have enough places

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If no change is made to the university’s cap on students it expects “numerous appeals”

There are not enough teacher training places for students who are suitably qualified, according to the head of St Mary’s University College.

The Belfast college had already accepted offers from students before the executive’s U-turn on how A-level results would be awarded.

Students who initially missed out on places may now meet the entry criteria.

Professor Peter Finn fears the college may now be held responsible for “unfair admissions outcomes”.

Prof Finn has called on the Department for Education to adjust this year’s intake figures to ensure all students with the accepted grades are given places.

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About 28,000 pupils across Northern Ireland received their A-level results last Thursday

AS and A-level results issued last Thursday were initially based upon teachers’ predictions and then standardised

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Places Most Dependent on Local Colleges and Universities

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Countless metro areas rely on universities to keep their economies afloat. And some metros rely more heavily on them than others, according to Student Loan Hero’s latest research, making universities central to their economic futures.

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At the site of Salem’s The House of the Seven Gables and Nathaniel Hawthorne’s birthplace, tickets and gift-shop sales made up more than 80% of revenue in 2019. That money doesn’t just keep the home open for visitors; it also keeps an essential organ of the community running. Without it, the organization’s English-language and citizenship-prep classes as well as summer programs for kids–parts of a century-old immigrant-assistance project–are at

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