Harvard University grads connect pandemic response policies across borders

Hundal: I’ve been working as a freelance health journalist for over six years now. At the same time, I have a background as a public policy specialist advising on health care policies that support marginalized populations. So, when the pandemic took hold and quarantine mandates started to be initiated, I was looking at the situation through both of these lenses. … Our hope for a takeaway from this project is that health care leaders and legislators around the world can get a clearer picture, empirically, of what’s working and what is isn’t working to bring this pandemic to a close.

Q. How did you decide which nations to include and how did you reach the leaders?

Hundal: Typically, the leaders reach out to us. I bring to this project many years of experience in international development work. Over the course of that work, we’ve liaised with stakeholders in public service

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