Florida, poster child for COVID-19 mismanagement, needs a statewide mask mandate

Leaders in Florida and the coronavirus epicenter of Miami-Dade have failed so badly at managing the response to the highly infectious disease that we’ve become the poster child for COVID-19 abroad.

“Miami has more COVID-19 cases than all of Australia, and thousands more are still being diagnosed every day,” reports the Australia Broadcasting Corporation in a special segment on Florida.

It’s true.

Although Australia — with a population of 25 million somewhat comparable to Florida’s 23 million — is also seeing a resurgence of new cases, the total number of people infected with the coronavirus just now surpassed 15,300.

The number of deaths: 167, as of this writing.

Yes, one record day in Florida equals the number of infected in the entire country — and Australians are alarmed and taking action.

Melbourne, the equivalent of Miami-Dade as the hot spot, is in a lockdown, one more severe than we’ve ever

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