Little Voice Premiere: Grade It!

The next big superstar in music is a fusion of Alessia Cara, Carole King and Betty White: That’s how the protagonist, Bess King, describes herself in Little Voice, a musical drama that premiered Friday on Apple TV+.

It’s a fitting characterization for Bess, portrayed by Brittany O’Grady (Star) as a fresh-faced, 20-something with songwriting chops and a (mostly) charming, wide-eyed innocence. O’Grady’s vocal gifts are bolstered by the music, written by Grammy-nominated hitmaker Sara Bareilles, who executive-produced the show with her Waitress collaborator Jessie Nelson, J.J. Abrams and Ben Stephenson (Westworld).

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The show is not a retelling of Bareilles’ life; the singer-songwriter got her start in Los Angeles, while Bess is making her way in New York, holding down jobs as a dog-walker, bartender, music teacher and more. We see her work to overcome self-doubt and find her identity as an artist

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