Are These Pricey School Alternatives Worth It?

Several large school districts — including those in Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles, Phoenix and suburban Washington — have announced that they will start the school year with entirely remote classes, The New York Times reported. Some parents are not too keen on the idea of online-only learning, while others don’t feel safe sending kids to schools that are opened. This has led many families to seek alternative options like homeschooling or communal education “pods.” Here is what some of these options entail — plus, the price tag that comes along with them.

Option 1: Form an Education ‘Pod’ and Hire a Private Teacher

One option that some parents are exploring is to form groups of children in the same grade, or “pods,” and collectively hire a teacher to provide homeschooling. This gives children the opportunity to socialize with peers in a much smaller setting. And when a private teacher takes

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