With a virtual vote, Biden wins the Democratic nomination after a decades-long quest

Democrats on Tuesday bestowed former Vice President Joe Biden with the prize he has chased for more than 30 years, nominating him for president with a roll call vote that virtually touched down in every state and territory.

With the fast-moving online balloting, another wrinkle in the unprecedented virtual national political convention, the candidate who first ran for the White House in 1988, long before social media or Zoom calls, not to mention the coronavirus, was digitally anointed to lead his party into the future.

“It means to world to me and my family and I will see you on Thursday” when he gives his acceptance speech, Biden said with a broad grin seconds after Delaware, his home state, cast the final votes in his favor and the song “Celebration” began in the background. “Thank you, thank you, thank you”

Democrats headed into the second of four nights of their

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