SEC West college football preview — Is Alabama ready to reclaim its throne?

If you were squinting just right, you could see the ground moving beneath Nick Saban’s feet last season. LSU, until recently one of the last proud purveyors of Big Burly Manball, had modernized its offense and produced numbers no one had seen before, throwing for 6,000 yards, beating Alabama in Tuscaloosa and zooming to 15-0. Auburn, meanwhile, was playing the conference’s most exciting and interesting defense; Bama’s Iron Bowl rival was the only team to hold LSU under 36 points and turned said Iron Bowl with a pair of pick-sixes.

Alabama lost to both of its primary rivals and finished eighth in the AP poll, its lowest placement since 2010 (the previous time one of these two rivals won the national title). Was this the turning point then? Is the Saban dynasty finally crumbling to the ground?

Yeah, right. SEC West play is scheduled to begin on Sept. 26, and

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Is your career on hold? Here’s how to reclaim it

women careers - PATRICK LEGER
women careers – PATRICK LEGER
Stella magazine promotion
Stella magazine promotion

Returning to work after the birth of my second son, I was insecure. After seven months in a baby bubble, so much had changed at the publishing company that employed me, and I felt completely disconnected and irrelevant. A restructure had given me a new boss and it felt like they didn’t know what to do with me. Sitting there in a planning meeting, my usual confidence was replaced by a rabbit-in-headlights expression that I just couldn’t hide.

That expression is a common sight in workplaces across the UK among the ‘Interrupted’ – people whose careers have had to take a temporary back seat while they attend to big changes in their lives. Babies, bereavement, chemo, divorce, surgery, burnout or caring for a sick family member are all common causes – and now, of course, a global pandemic. The Interrupted are often

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