University Suspends Partying Freshmen For Semester, No Tuition Refund After Social Distancing Violations

The college experience looks different under COVID-19 restrictions, and Northeastern University made it clear that they won’t tolerate partying, no matter the size of the gathering. Eleven freshmen students have been dismissed after they were discovered violating pandemic rules.

The Boston school announced Friday that the students were caught on Wednesday night in their temporary dorm, the Westin Hotel, without masks and not social distancing. On-call staff members discovered the gathering on their rounds.

The students found have been dismissed for the fall semester, but the suspension will end with the start of the spring semester. They will not receive a refund for their tuition, which is estimated to cost more than $36,500, the Boston Globe reports.

The students were all part of the Program, which typically allows first-year students to study abroad. This year, due to the pandemic, the students were put into the temporary dorm at the

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Will you get a refund if COVID-19 closes your campus?

Many colleges are welcoming students back for in-person learning and dormitory living this fall semester. Looming over everything: Campuses could shut back down at any time.

reopening arrangements.” data-reactid=”24″With COVID-19 cases still high, many colleges are developing shutdown contingency plans alongside their reopening arrangements.

At the same time, the pandemic is fueling new debate about whether colleges should charge the same tuition for online and in-person classes. Tuition typically covers the cost of instruction — salaries, software, labs and such — and that cost at many schools may have increased.

The University of North Carolina Wilmington, as an exception, has a different cost structure for online, hybrid and in-person classes. Still, it announced that students won’t receive a tuition refund if in-person classes move online this fall. And, after the pivot from it’s sister school at Chapel Hill, it told students to prepare for a similar transition if

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‘Clear as mud’ housing refund plans irk college students

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — When Laura Comino opened the housing email from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in June, she knew she had to take action.

At the direction of the state’s public university system, UNCG asked her to sign a housing contract addendum acknowledging that she might not get a refund if the school kicks her out of her dorm in the fall because of the coronavirus pandemic.

An online petition Comino circulated days later collected nearly 40,000 signatures from people demanding that all 16 UNC System colleges offer prorated refunds and return deposits if the virus closes dorms.

“People got so incredibly upset thinking this would affect all of us, and there’s a possibility where it still might,” Comino said.

With classes scheduled to begin in August, the possibility of no refunds has left students and administrators alike with questions. Comino and the dean of her

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