From The Confessional: I Resent Religious People

It’s 2020 and these people are OVER religion being used to justify racism, bigotry, and being anti-science

If you didn’t have “religious people using religion to spread anti-vaxx propaganda, conspiracy theories, and racism every day during a global pandemic” on your 2020 bingo card, you’re not alone. Knowing all of these things exist under the guise of “religion” for many white Christians is one thing — being able to predict that your Aunt Mildred’s virtual knitting group believes cell phone towers are preventing the rapture is quite another.

If you’ve had enough of the white Christians in your life, well, so have these confessors — who are way more into confessing their feelings online than in, oh, say, a booth. With a priest.

Confessional #25790125

“POC at a protest don’t scare me, but “woke” white liberals terrify me. They have the insane zealousness of recent religious converts, and are desperate

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