15 Chicago high schools have voted to keep their school resource officers, despite protest movement against police in CPS buildings

At least three Chicago high schools have voted to discontinue having resource officers from the Chicago Police Department — but at least 15 more have decided to keep their officers, and dozens of others have yet to decide.

Chicago Public Schools released a list on its website this week for tracking the votes by Local School Councils on school-based police officers following requests for greater transparency on the process.

So far, Benito Juarez Community Academy in Pilsen and Northside College Prep in North Park have voted to eliminate resource officers, as has Robert Clemente Community Academy in West Town, though that’s not yet updated on the website.

Amundsen, Douglass, Kenwood, King and Marshall are among the schools whose councils have voted to retain the officers, and several more votes were scheduled for Tuesday.

The new list debuted as a parent advocacy group has called into question the legitimacy of the

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