Harvard University grads connect pandemic response policies across borders

Hundal: I’ve been working as a freelance health journalist for over six years now. At the same time, I have a background as a public policy specialist advising on health care policies that support marginalized populations. So, when the pandemic took hold and quarantine mandates started to be initiated, I was looking at the situation through both of these lenses. … Our hope for a takeaway from this project is that health care leaders and legislators around the world can get a clearer picture, empirically, of what’s working and what is isn’t working to bring this pandemic to a close.

Q. How did you decide which nations to include and how did you reach the leaders?

Hundal: Typically, the leaders reach out to us. I bring to this project many years of experience in international development work. Over the course of that work, we’ve liaised with stakeholders in public service

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CDC’s COVID-19 Response Was ‘Muzzled’ By White House

Bill Gates said that the White House “muzzled” the COVID-19 response of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and he offered thoughts on vaccinations and coronavirus conspiracies in a new Wired interview released Friday.

Gates was “surprised at the U.S. [coronavirus] situation because the smartest people on epidemiology in the world, by a lot, are at the CDC,” he told Steven Levy, Wired’s longtime tech writer and editor at large. Gates announced in April that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation would shift its “total attention” to fighting COVID-19.

“I would have expected them to do better,” the Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist said. “You would expect the CDC to be the most visible, not the White House or even Anthony Fauci. But they haven’t been the face of the epidemic. They are trained to communicate and not try to panic people but get people to take things seriously. They

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Kenzie Ziegler Had the Perfect Response to Abby Lee Miller Shading Her Online

From Cosmopolitan

  • Abby Lee Miller shaded Kenzie Ziegler for competing as a celebrity on Dancing With the Stars Juniors.

  • Kenzie responded to Abby Lee’s shade previously when Abby mocked her singing career.

If you watched Dance Moms even one time, you know Abby Lee Miller has a rather…interesting (and by that I mean absolutely complicated) relationship with the girls she teaches. In addition to coaching, Abby Lee would often belittle her dancers and make them feel bad to the point where they’d end up in literal tears, but I digress. Despite that, Abby Lee talks about them in a group chat sometimes—including alum Kenzie Ziegler.

TikTokRoom was able to obtain some screen grabs of messages that Abby sent to a Dance Moms group chat, where she made some uncalled for comments about Kenzie’s stint on Dancing With the Stars Juniors back in 2018. (FYI, Kenzie finished the show in

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Fauci says ‘divisiveness’ hurts response; Big Ten schools to only play league games; CDC won’t rewrite school rules

Florida saw an alarming increase in deaths and top federal health officials ran counter to President Donald Trump’s wishes, saying guidelines for reopening schools won’t be rewritten and some states should consider shutting down again as coronavirus cases spike nationwide Thursday.

The Big Ten announced it will limit its fall sports to only conference games, impacting several significant scheduled football games. The ACC pushed the start of its season back to Sept. 1.

Florida reported 120 deaths – almost 50% more than the previous one-day high of 83 in late April – as the state surpassed 4,000 deaths. Nationwide, the Johns Hopkins data dashboard reported a one-day total of 820 U.S. deaths and a near-record 58,601 new cases.

“Any state that is having a serious problem, that state should seriously look at shutting down,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said on “The

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