Should your resume include all of your career experience?

Dear Sam: I am in my 50s and looking for ways to not show my age in my resume, which I think is adversely affecting my job search. I deleted the dates from my college degrees and also deleted my earliest job experience. However, I still show my employment dates for each of the jobs I have included, such as 2013-2020. Do you think this is a problem, and is there a right way to omit these dates without raising the suspicion of employment gaps? – John

Dear John: Omitting employment dates from all positions will raise enough red flags that it will likely prevent you from getting in the door every time. The omission of all dates will not raise questions about job gaps, but rather how much experience you have, and whether you have been working recently. You have taken the right approach in omitting your graduation year

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Land a New Job With an Ageless Resume

Working as a real estate broker wasn’t giving Cort Howard the steady income he wanted or enough time with his family, so last October he began looking for a new job. In addition to networking, Howard, 54, hired Joe Konop, owner of One Great Resume, to help him craft a resume that highlighted his relevant experience and skills, not his age.

 The ageless resume omitted key dates while emphasizing Howard’s sales experience and the 15 online technology courses he’d recently completed. The $350 Howard spent for the resume, cover letter and an edited LinkedIn profile produced a big payoff: By late December, Howard landed a salaried position as a territory sales manager with a software manufacturer.

Even in the best of times, older workers may have difficulty attracting prospective employers, who typically prefer tech-savvy younger generations that can be hired for less money. But these are not the best of

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