Alyssa Milano Reveals Coronavirus-Related Hair Loss After Hospitalization for ‘Blood Clot’ Concerns

Alyssa Milano/ Instagram Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano is getting candid about her lingering symptoms of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Melrose Place alum, 47, shared a video on Sunday to illustrate the amount of hair loss she’s experienced as a “long hauler,” a term medical professionals use to refer to someone who suffers from long-lasting COVID-19 symptoms.

“Thought I’d show you what #Covid19 does to your hair,” Milano captioned the clip. “Please take this seriously. #WearADamnMask #LongHauler.”

In the footage, Milano combs through her hair with a detangler brush to reveal clumps of hair that fall out with every stroke. “One brushing, this is my hair loss from COVID-19,” she says as she holds up a small pile of hair.

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Hair loss is one of the symptoms reported by former coronavirus patients in a survey conducted

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Edinburgh TV Festival Reveals ‘Ones to Watch’ 2020 Selections (EXCLUSIVE)

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The Edinburgh TV festival has revealed the 30 successful candidates selected for its popular ‘Ones to Watch’ program.

Reflecting the nature of the U.K. television industry, more than 70% of the candidates, including producers, directors, writers and journalists, are freelance, and the rest are from leading production companies and broadcasters, including the BBC, Lime Pictures, True North and RDF. Of the 30 selected, 77% are women, 40% are from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds, 37% work outside of London and 33% are disabled.

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The candidates will benefit from bespoke sessions and training, access to the digital edition of the TV Festival in August, and receive 12 months of mentoring from senior industry figures.

Founded in 1994, ‘Ones to Watch’ is designed for those who have three or more years’ experience in TV and are looking to make the

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Online chats with friends and family improve older people’s mental health, reveals UCL research

The results showed internet access could be used to reduce loneliness for older people - Geoges Gobet/AFP/Getty Images
The results showed internet access could be used to reduce loneliness for older people – Geoges Gobet/AFP/Getty Images

Older people who go online daily are happier when they use the internet to stay in touch with friends and family, a major new study has found.

Research by University College London (UCL), which studied the internet habits of 9,000 over 50s over four years, found that participants had better mental health when they used the internet for communication, but felt worse when they used it for information purposes, such as job hunting.

Researchers said the results showed internet access could be used to reduce loneliness and urged the Government to make it easier for older people not yet online to access the web.

The findings contrast with a growing number of studies finding excessive time online or on social media can adversely affect young people’s mental health.

For instance, a 2018

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Beanie Feldstein reveals scene that tested her Midlands accent (exclusive)

Beanie Feldstein struggled to get the final monologue of How To Build a Girl right, given the difficulties of the Wolverhampton accent.

Feldstein plays teenager Johanna Morrigan in the new adaptation of writer Caitlin Moran’s semi-autobiographical novel, which traces the shy schoolgirl’s evolution into poison-penned music critic Dolly Wilde.

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The 27-year-old American star said she relished visiting the West Midlands city after she got the role and spent some time working in a local shop to immerse herself in the unique accent.

“I didn’t quite understand the regional specificity of how many accents exist in your very small country,” Feldstein told Yahoo Movies UK.

Beanie Feldstein as budding writer Johanna Morrigan in 'How To Build a Girl'. (Credit: Lionsgate)
Beanie Feldstein as budding writer Johanna Morrigan in ‘How To Build a Girl’. (Credit: Lionsgate)

She added: “I knew I had to go to Wolverhampton and meet people that grew up there and still live there to

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‘Tweet-tastrophe’? It could have been. Twitter hack reveals national security threat before election

It’s being called a “tweet-tastrophe.”

The Twitter accounts of some of the world’s biggest names were hacked Wednesday in a bitcoin scam. The FBI is investigating, and the Senate Intelligence Committee asked for a briefing.

“Tough day for us at Twitter. We all feel terrible this happened,” Jack Dorsey, the company’s CEO, tweeted.

The breach, as bad as it was – the largest in the social media company’s 14-year history – could have been much, much worse.

Had it been a foreign government looking to disrupt the election in November or bad actors looking to cause an international incident, mayhem would have ensued, Jennifer Grygiel, a communications professor at Syracuse University who studies social media, told USA TODAY.

Had the hack involved President Donald Trump’s Twitter account, @realDonaldTrump, it would have constituted an immediate threat to national security.

“Twitter is the fastest wire service we have ever known. This is

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