Zach Wilson’s TD Throw Prompts Glowing Review from College Football Analyst

On Thursday, BYU wrapped up fall camp with a scrimmage. The scrimmage consisted of approximately 85 plays according to Kalani Sitake:

“I think we were close, I will have to look at the final number, but close to 85 reps. Our goal was to go every thing live, but we decided it would be better for us to get about 30 live reps work today. It’s been a really physical camp and looking at our guys, I think that’s a goal for us – to get everyone competing and going. I think it was harder for the offense to move but we both did good things on both sides of the ball and some good work on special teams. I am really impressed with the day. I think we got exactly what we wanted from it.” Kalani Sitake

After the scrimmage, BYU posted a a few highlights from the scrimmage.

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‘Retaliation’: Film Review

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What if you were an international star who’d had a supporting role in two of the biggest franchises of all time, then you went on to deliver the best performance of your career in a tough, tiny British drama, and hardly anybody noticed? Chances are, Orlando Bloom has been asking himself some version of that question for the last three years.

That’s how long it’s been since he played Malky, a lapsed Catholic tormented by childhood sexual abuse, in “Retaliation,” a remarkably nuanced alternative to the grudge-bearing revenge genre from a pair of first-time feature directors, siblings Ludwig and Paul Shammasian. “Retaliation” was virtually overlooked when it premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival back in 2017, landing distribution in a few foreign countries (presumably on the basis of Bloom’s involvement), only to surface now as one of the many pandemic releases so micro,

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