Marijuana is no longer a ‘dirty little secret.’ Weed sales are soaring in Illinois, and the pandemic is helping.

At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, 33-year-old Katie Johnston-Smith was feeling “a good, healthy amount of panic.”

She tried wine but it didn’t help. She took a marijuana-infused edible, and a calmness washed over her and sleep came easier.

“It was pretty nice, because it did help me mellow out,” she said. “I was like, ‘Oh, this is way better than mellowing out with a glass of wine.‘”

The Roscoe Village neighborhood resident went from using marijuana a couple of times a month before the pandemic to a couple of times a week.

Experts say she is not alone.

The pandemic has sent people searching for ways to cope with the anxiety of a global health crisis and economic downturn. Marijuana — which only became widely legal in Illinois Jan. 1 — has emerged as the coping mechanism of choice for many. Stores selling it were deemed essential businesses

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Twitter’s Soaring User Base Masks Critical Problems

(Bloomberg Opinion) — Users continue to flock to Twitter Inc.’s social media platform, but that doesn’t necessarily make it any better of an investment for shareholders.

Early Thursday, Twitter posted strong audience growth for its second quarter. Its key user metric — average monetizable daily active usage — came in at 186 million for the three months ended in June, up 34% from a year earlier and handily beating the 174 million average analyst estimate. Second-quarter revenue, however, was below Wall Street expectations at $683 million, a decline of 19% from a year earlier. 

The stock got an early boost on the user numbers, which were, admittedly, stellar. But the drivers that helped boost its audience may be temporary. The company itself cited the extraordinary historic nature of the June quarter in its investor letter: “The year-over-year increase in mDAU was primarily driven by external factors, such as continued shelter-in-place

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