Why Stitch Fix Is the Perfect Clothing Subscription to Keep Your Shopping Habits in Check

I’ll admit that I was very hesitant to get into subscription services out of fear that I’d accumulate a bunch of things I don’t need or can’t afford—but Stitch Fix completely changed my mindset. If you ask anyone who knows me well, they will tell you that I’m somehow prone to both under- and over-shopping: I always need to buy something whenever an event or special meeting comes up—and when shopping IRL was a thing, I’d end up buying a million things I didn’t need (think duplicates of things that are already in my closet). To say my shopping habits can be a real problem is a massive understatement. 

When clothing subscription boxes grew in popularity a few years ago, I did a ton of research into finding one that might suit my needs—and curb my irresponsible online shopping habits in the process. At the time Stitch Fix looked like

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