Riots. Radicalism. Corruption. Trump and Biden supporters turn to apocalyptic themes in campaign ad wars.

WASHINGTON – Cities on fire. Rioters clashing with baton-wielding cops. Bodies stacking up in makeshift graves.

A trailer for the latest apocalyptic blockbuster? No, just some of the latest volleys on social media and television as the ad wars boil over between President Donald Trump, former Vice President Joe Biden and their often deep-pocketed allies.

Attack ads were traditionally reserved for the final weeks of a campaign, when the vast majority of voters had settled on a candidate and there was less to lose by attacking rivals.

But the middle of summer has seen a barrage of aggressive ads, such as a Trump campaign TV ad painting Biden as a clueless puppet of the chaos-fomenting socialist left or a viral video ad from the progressive group Really American labeling the president’s law-and-order agenda as “Gestapo Trump.”

Ross Baker, a political science professor at Rutgers University in New Jersey, said he

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