Deepfakes Are Amazing. They’re Also Terrifying for Our Future.

Photo credit: Ctrl Shift Face/YouTube
Photo credit: Ctrl Shift Face/YouTube

From Popular Mechanics

Imagine this: You click on a news clip and see the President of the United States at a press conference with a foreign leader. The dialogue is real. The news conference is real. You share with a friend. They share with a friend. Soon, everyone has seen it. Only later you learn that the President’s head was superimposed on someone else’s body. None of it ever actually happened.

Sound farfetched? Not if you’ve seen a certain wild video from YouTube user Ctrl Shift Face (take a look at the clip above). Since last August, it’s gotten almost 9.5 million views.

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In it, comedian Bill Hader shares a story about his encounters with Tom Cruise and Seth Rogen. As Hader, a skilled impressionist, does his best Cruise and Rogen, those actors’ faces seamlessly,

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