New scam demands victims stay on the phone: Here’s how it works

Red flags of a scam tend to be similar. The scammer will try new tricks, but typically create a sense of urgency, either playing into our fear, greed or desire to be loved. They’ll romance us, threaten us, frighten us or pretend to offer a quick fix to a problem we didn’t even know we had. 

And now, increasingly, they’re demanding that victims stay on the phone as long as possible while consumers head to the bank or the grocery store to carry out demands for money via money transfers or gift cards. 

Scammers are telling their victims that that if they hang up, they’re likely to be arrested immediately or see their accounts seized. 

“This is an alarming development, because consumers are essentially being held captive in the scam,” according to a new 2019 Consumer Complaint Survey released by the Consumer Federation of America on Monday.

“If bank tellers

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National Trust joins victims of Blackbaud hack

The National Trust is a charity that looks after places of historic interest and natural beauty
The National Trust is a charity that looks after places of historic interest and natural beauty

The UK’s National Trust is among more than 80 organisations that have confirmed data breaches resulting from an attack on cloud computing provider Blackbaud.

Others involved include homeless charities The Wallich and Crisis, the terminal illness charity Sue Ryder, and the mental health group Young Minds.

Dozens of British universities have also alerted past and present students.

Museums, schools, churches and food banks have also been affected.

The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has said it is investigating the matter and is therefore limited in what it can say at this time.

Internal investigation

The National Trust said that data about its volunteering and fundraising communities had been involved, but not that of its wider 5.6 million members.

The organisation – which looks after historic buildings and gardens – added that an internal investigation

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Young People Will Be The Pandemic’s Long-Term Economic Victims

The coronavirus pandemic has caused unprecedented economic damage.

In the United States, President Donald Trump has claimed that the economy is “roaring back.” Yet more Americans are currently unemployed than at any point since World War II.

The surging number of coronavirus cases in many parts of the country will likely cause millions more to lose their jobs, as states move to reimplement lockdown restrictions and businesses are forced to close. And the labor market will not return to pre-pandemic levels for at least the next decade, according to a forecast from the Congressional Budget Office.

Globally, too, the fallout from the pandemic has been dire. In contrast to the United States, many European countries have adopted large-scale economic relief programs designed to prevent mass unemployment. But as countries begin to emerge from lockdown, governments are beginning to wind down those job-retention schemes — a situation that could

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