Nanotechnology-based biosensor for the detection of harmful bacteria in potable water

Sep 13, 2020

(Nanowerk News) Water distribution systems represent potential targets for terrorist activity because of the need for water in every sector of our industrialized society. The deliberate contamination of water reservoirs or pipes with biological agents such as pathogens or biotoxins might constitute a mass destruction bioweapon.

With this in mind, the SPS Multi-Year Project NANOtechnology inspired biosensor with photo-responsive Liquid Crystals – NANO-LC, launched in August 2020, aims at investigating a novel nanotechnology-based biosensor specifically utilized for the detection of harmful bacteria intentionally or unintentionally dispersed in potable water. Nanotechnology-based biosensor for the detection of harmful bacteria in potable water The nano-inspired device makes use of a chemically functionalized gold nanoparticle (Au NPs) array (for the selection of specific pathogens) layered with a photo-responsive liquid crystal (LC) film (for real-time detection) and with a microfluidic circuit. NANO-LC is part of the NATO Science for Peace and Security (SPS) Programme and contributes to NATO’s strategic objectives by
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Detection of genomic regions associated with tiller number in Iranian bread wheat under different water regimes using genome-wide association study

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    Here’s how to stay safe in the water, according to a former lifeguard

    According to the CDC, an average of 3,536 people unintentionally drown every year — that’s roughly ten per day.

    As a former lifeguard, swim and CPR instructor, I’ve been schooled in the nuances of water safety. Here’s what you need to know to keep your family safe at the lake, beach, and pool this summer.

    What does drowning look like?

    Unlike what you might see on TV, drowning may not involve screams, thrashing or hand signals. Look for a weak or inefficient kick, attempts to reach for the edge, and neutral or negative buoyancy.

    What can you do if you think someone may be drowning? Experts recommend throwing anything that floats to the person. It could be a life jacket, swim noodle, or even an empty cooler with the top closed. 

    “This is why ocean lifeguards use rescue buoys and tubes,” explains B. Chris Brewster, Chair of the National Certification

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    High Water” Co-Stars and Other Celebrities Remember Naya Rivera

    Photo credit: FOX - Getty Images
    Photo credit: FOX – Getty Images

    From Seventeen

    Naya Rivera’s family and friends are mourning her death after her body was found at Lake Piru, where she disappeared several days before.

    According to officials, the actress accidentally drowned after going out swimming with her son, Josey. “She mustered enough energy to get her son back onto the boat, but not enough to save herself,” Ventura County Sheriff Bill Ayub said, according to CNN.

    The actress was only 33 at the time of her death and was starring in the YouTube original series Step Up: High Water. The series was announced to move to Starz with the next season, which was set to start filming after restrictions were lifted. Rivera is also well known for her role as Santana Lopez on Glee. She first started her career as a child actress with roles on Full House and Family

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