The celebrity of Jake and Logan Paul is what happens when we conflate wealth with success. We must stop now


In the early hours of Wednesday 5 August, Jake Paul’s home in the upscale city of Calabasas, California, received an unexpected visit: the FBI was here to execute a search warrant. That search was related to an ongoing investigation, an FBI representative told The Independent at the time. The corresponding warrant was sealed, meaning it wasn’t immediately clear what investigators were looking for.

Multiple firearms were seized during the raid, in connection with a riot at an Arizona shopping mall, the bureau later told local TV station KABC. Paul had been facing misdemeanour charges related to the same case, which were dismissed on the same day by local police “so that a federal criminal investigation can be completed”. Those charges could be refiled at a later date. Paul has denied engaging in any unlawful activity at the mall and insisted he was instead searching for a protest against the

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