Nearly 16,000 restaurants have closed permanently due to the pandemic, Yelp data shows

Volatility has been a kiss of death for thousands of restaurants during the coronavirus pandemic.

Abrupt closures, inconsistent reopenings, changes in public health guidance for operations and other state-mandated orders have pushed the food service industry to the brink.

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New data from Yelp revealed the stark reality of permanent closures for an alarming number of restaurants, which already ran on thin margins.

The review site’s latest Local Economic Impact Report, released Wednesday, showed that 60% of the restaurants that temporarily closed due to the pandemic have since shuttered for good.

PHOTO: Data on restaurant and retail closures amid the coronavirus pandemic from Yelp. (Yelp)

There were 26,160 total restaurant closures on Yelp as of July 10 and 15,770 of those have made the decision permanent, according to Yelp.

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