Steve Van Zandt’s Plan to Save Music Education During the Pandemic

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Steve Van Zandt is trying to stay busy. “I’ve been producing records, and executive-producing records over the phone, believe it or not,” he says from his Greenwich Village home. “But I am looking for something to do in a semi-permanent way, you know?”

Van Zandt’s latest project is Little Steven’s Roadshow, a podcast that begins tonight. It benefits TeachRock, an organization he launched with Bono, Martin Scorsese, Jackson Browne, and Bruce Springsteen, which provides online music history courses, among other resources, to kids whose classrooms have been robbed of arts programs. TeachRock has more than 200 free lessons online, from the Birth of Rock to the Roots of Hip-Hop; it provides free distance learning to students in 100 New York City public schools.

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