CLOSE The Indiana Department of Education has updated its guidelines to help school officials and parents decide how schools can reopen safely during the coronavirus pandemic. Wochit Education has always been an issue in Indiana’s gubernatorial race but it’s gained even more importance in this year’s election. And that’s not only […]

Alternatively, he could have decided weeks, if not months ago to start the school year completely remote and announced that the city would gradually move toward in-person learning if conditions allowed for it. But the mayor chose neither of those paths. He set deadlines that he refused to put in […]

Good morning, © Provided by The Guardian Photograph: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images Weeks from the presidential election, and with a national reckoning on racial justice under way, Donald Trump has decided it is time to rewrite the American history curriculum to downplay the dark legacy of slavery. Speaking at a conference […]

The U.S. lacks a key ingredient that helped propel it to economic dominance in the 20th century: productivity gains from higher education. Figuring out why could help influence the economy’s long-term trajectory once it emerges from the coronavirus crisis. In 2009, President Obama, worried about the economy’s global standing, set […]

Faced with public education’s failure to adapt to Covid-19, parents who can afford it are pooling their resources and hiring private tutors to lead home-based “pod” schools. Dreading the prospect of a mass exodus of families from traditional public schools, progressive pundits are condemning these parents for pioneering “the latest […]