The theme of the second night of the Democratic National Convention was “Leadership matters,” and the Democratic Party leaned heavily on those with prior government experience to make the case that Joe Biden is better equipped than Donald Trump to handle the responsibility of the presidency. Here are four takeaways […]

The second night of the Democratic National Convention will feature two former presidents, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, and nods to some of the party’s revered figures of the past including Presidents John F. Kennedy and Franklin D. Roosevelt. The rundown includes remarks by Kennedy’s daughter, Caroline Kennedy, and her […]

Democrats plunge Monday into the uncharted waters for the first of two weeks of virtual conventions to nominate their presidential candidates and grapple with ways to energize their supporters without the traditional crowds or pageantry. Former Vice President Joe Biden will receive the Democratic mantle this week and Republicans will formally back President […]

WASHINGTON (AP) — As Joe Biden nears the announcement of his vice presidential choice, the top contenders and their advocates are making final appeals. The campaign hasn’t finalized a date for naming a running mate, but three people who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the plans said a […]