Yale School of Management will officially open its doors to MBA students on campus on Monday ‘WE ARE TRYING VERY HARD TO MAKE THE EXPERIENCE RICH AND MEANINGFUL’ Sherilyn Scully, assistant dean for academic affairs and student life “I am hopeful we will be able to deliver something that is […]

Of all the challenges COVID-19 has thrown at us, nothing is more daunting than figuring out how to open and operate schools this fall. The problems are complex, multifaceted and impact almost all of us. As an education official in Richmond, Virginia said:  “…planning for reopening school this fall is […]

From Seventeen Any other year, incoming college freshmen would be filled with giddy anticipation at this very moment, counting down the weeks until they get to step on to their awaiting campus. They’d be making a packing list, trying to decide whether or not their beloved stuffed animal should make […]