As states started the first of their efforts to “slow the spread” of COVID-19 in late March, including stay-at-home orders, many churches went to an online platform and Americans attended Easter services via livestream and in their pajamas. But as the lockdown continued, and marijuana dispensaries and liquor stores were deemed essential services while many churches were not, […]

Photograph: Yurkevych Liliia/Alamy Raymond Christie is having sleepless nights. The 18-year-old is worrying about how difficult it will be to find work opportunities as he anticipates an upcoming recession. Christie left school at 16 with no qualifications and went into training on a construction scheme that went into administration during […]

It’s 2020 and these people are OVER religion being used to justify racism, bigotry, and being anti-science If you didn’t have “religious people using religion to spread anti-vaxx propaganda, conspiracy theories, and racism every day during a global pandemic” on your 2020 bingo card, you’re not alone. Knowing all of […]

After founding DanceBody in 2013, Katia Pryce began 2020 with the urge to make things a bit more digitally savvy. She had no way of knowing that within a few weeks online workouts would become the key to survival for any boutique fitness business — but her dance-based workout class, […]

Usually animal crush videos feature bugs or mice. Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images People around the world — including in the US — are making “animal crush” videos, an extreme version of torture porn in which animals are tortured and killed on video. The making and distribution of these videos are illegal, […]