Your Zodiac Sign Tells You Exactly How to Use the New Moon’s Powerful Energy

Photo credit: Getty/Sanchi Oberoi From Cosmopolitan The Moon is a powerful force—it controls the tides and many believe that it influences our emotions, too (humans are 60% water, after all!). You can tune into the power of the Moon by using the lunar cycle to plan events in your own […]

Photo credit: Getty/Sanchi Oberoi
Photo credit: Getty/Sanchi Oberoi

From Cosmopolitan

The Moon is a powerful force—it controls the tides and many believe that it influences our emotions, too (humans are 60% water, after all!). You can tune into the power of the Moon by using the lunar cycle to plan events in your own life.

The lunar cycle (the Moon’s orbit of the Earth) takes 29.5 days to complete, so about a month. The New Moon marks the start of the first phase, when the Moon lies between the Earth and the Sun so it cannot reflect any light. The roughly two-week period between a New Moon and a Full Moon is called the waxing phase, and in astrology, it’s associated with enhancing and manifestation—aka attracting all the good things to you.

The two or three days before and after a New Moon are the best time to initiate new projects, activate your intentions, and begin to turn your desires into realities.

Here’s how you can take advantage of this powerful energy, by sign:


Challenge gets your blood pumping, so a New Moon is the ideal time to set a new goal—one you feel competitive about. Maybe it’s literally a competition! Or maybe you’re pursuing a physical goal (like trying to beat your mile time) or setting a deadline for yourself. Whatever it is, begin this challenge at the New Moon and you’ll set yourself up for success. (Meaning: You’ll win, your fave thing.)


Money-related activities are particularly potent during a New Moon. During the waxing phase, research and begin new, positive habits. Whether you’re working towards a savings goal, paying off your student loans, investing in a business, or just trying to keep to a budget, focus on your material world.


You are the zodiac’s student—you’re always teaching yourselves new skills, whether you’re learning a new language or writing a screenplay (yeah, words are basically your fave thing). Tackle a new topic or go deeper into a current interest at each New Moon. Take an online class, join a forum, buy a book—whatever it is, make sure you’re learning something.


Home is where your heart is. You love to create beautiful, relaxing, secure spaces where you can unwind. Look around your pad and make a to-do list of all the cleaning, organizing, and DIY projects that you can kick-start at the New Moon and use the two-week waxing phase to complete. Make your home the sanctuary you deserve.


You dream of having your own “glam squad,” and you probably have a budget version of your fave salons, YouTube tutorials, and at-home hair masks. Focus all things glam around the New Moon—it’s the perfect time for a haircut, facial, pedicure, massage, or just a makeup splurge. The moonbeams enhance your natural beauty!


Harness the New Moon’s ~good intention~ energy and review your healthy lifestyle habits Are you eating your veggies, exercising regularly, and taking care of your mental health? Introduce something new each New Moon and for a powerful boost to your wellbeing.


Ruled by Venus, you seek pleasure and indulgence in everyday life. You want your world to look and feel beautiful, and there’s nothing wrong with that! Find a new way of introducing bliss into your world each New Moon, whether you’re organizing a Zoom happy hour, taking a dance class, listening to new music, or treating yourself to something elegant you can use every day.


You have an innate and powerful interest in the occult. The New Moon is a potent time of activation, and you can use it to develop your psychic skills (because you’ve got them, bb). Visit an astrologer, learn to read your birth chart, invest in a new crystal and charge it in the New Moon’s light, read your own tarot cards, buy a crystal ball. You’re a natural ~moon child~.


Few people realize what a deep thinker you are. You’re a jet-setter, true, but you’re also fascinating by topics like philosophy and anthropology. So every New Moon, broaden your horizons. Listen to a lecture, watch a TED talk, or find a podcast. Expand your mind and satisfy your curiosity.


Doing business and making money are your favorite activities. You love working, and you’re a natural-born entrepreneur—you have both the smarts and the determination to make your venture happen. Use the New Moon’s energy to launch your new projects and make your career-related moves. You’ll capture the rejuvenating “off to a good start!” vibes of this lunar phase.


You have a natural interest in technology—and you’re skilled at it, too. You always have the latest gadgets (budget allowing) and you know all the shortcuts and tricks to make tech work for you. Use the New Moon to power your tech pursuits, whether you’re designing your own app, learning to code, or buying a new phone. The New Moon will lead you to the innovation you need in your life.


Creativity flows through you 24:7, but the New Moon injects a spike of imaginative and inventive energy which you’d be foolish not to capitalize on. Set out whatever methods you use to express yourself best (pen and pad, paints, clay, fabrics etc) and schedule time around the New Moon to get in your ~flow~ and create something. The New Moon is your muse.

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